Die for assemble bearings

This type of die is using for assemble spherical roller bearings. Slots quantity must be the same with quantity of rolling elements in bearings. Therefore our customer needs special type of die for various type of bearing. In this job I have created 3D model and CAM program.

Die machining.

Die after turning, milling, grinding.

Special part

From our French client we received only few bad quality drawings. After six hours of creating finally I made the 3d model. In the pics below you can see process from drawing to real part.

Polyamide disk

Conventional turner has prepared simple disk.

After that I created 3D model in Solid Edge.

Last step was creation CAM program.

The end result was awesome!

Tiny die

This tiny die was made to make brass parts. Slots was created in CNC milling machine. For this operation I used 1mm ball nose end mill. Brass products are using in oxy acetylene torches.

Plate with precision engraver

Now I will show you some plate. Plate is a part of appliance which is used to grinding rings of bearings. Engraver was made in CNC milling machine. After that plate was grinded. I have made 3d model and CAM program.

Plate with T-slots

Plate with T-slots made in CNC milling machine. Part dimensions is 440 x 360 x 35 millimeters. Like in other projects, I have made 3D model and CAM program.

Big project

We finished assembling of this unit few weeks ago. This tough machine is using for testing inner rings in bearings. The hydraulic cylinder (yellow) press a hidden cone. After that expanding element press on the measuring part. Special instruments measure displacements of inner ring.

Oscillating machine

We completed assembling an oscillating machine few days ago. The device is using for polishing rollers in bearings.

Large shaft with large drawing

This shaft is using as a spindle in old machine. We must replace it because previous part was broken. In new shaft total radial run-out tolerance between cone and other diameters is less then 0,01 mm.

Custom lathe chuck

In this post I will show you two types of lathe chucks. Both are used to making parts in automotive industry. I have made new drawings as per sample parts, ordered material and set up as a new job.

Random parts

Random part made by company when I have worked there.